Shockwave Video Poker Games

Tired of the same old video poker games? Try a game from Shockwave Poker, online casino software that is visually stunning and set in a futuristic environment. The has a massive amount of games for you. For example, the major game categories include; Table Games, Video Poker, Progressives, Specialty Games & Slots. The website also contains special promotions.

About Shockwave Poker

Shockwave Poker can be played for real money or in the practice mode. In addition to its graphics and futuristic environment, the cards in Shockwave Poker are also different -- the king, queen and jack cards are crafted to look like alien robots.

Shockwave Poker Basics

Payouts begin with jacks or better. Shockwave Poker offers the 8/5 payout variant in which the full house pays 8 to 1 and flush pays 5 to 1. The payout for 2 pairs has been reduced from 2 to 1 to even money. Players select the number of coins from 1 to 5 and the coin size from those available between $0.10 and $5.00.

Double Your Winnings

A doubling bonus is available in Shockwave Poker after every win. Players can stake their entire win or half their win during this round. The dealer's card is dealt face up with the other 4 cards face down. The player then picks 1 card. If it is greater than the dealer's card, then the staked amount gets doubled.

Shockwave Mode

A player enters Shockwave Mode with a player gets 4 of a kind final hand. The Shockwave mode can last for 10 hands, or until the player gets another 4 of a kind, whichever happens first. If the player gets a second 4 of a kind hand in the Shockwave mode, he is paid at a bonus rate.

The only downside to Shockwave Poker is that the bonus rate is not specified on the screen. This makes it nearly impossible for players to calculate their risk. It's best to play Shockwave Poker for fun only, just to be safe.